Photos from our Conference at Hood College on October 20th.

Barb Trader and Cindy Shubin, event cochairs

Dr. Don Boesch, University of Maryland, our keynote speaker

Dr. Kevin Sellner, moderator, and our first panel; Sam Chamelin, Mike Koob, Betsy Nichols, Joe Richardson, and Connie Ray

Joelle Novey, Interfaith Power and Light, moderator of the second  panel; Brooke Harper, Jodi Rose, Ramon Palencia Calvo, and John Smucker

Ann Payne and her "Tempestry" project

One of the many display tables in the lobby.

A bird's eye view of the attendees and the Whittaker Conference Center.

Tree planting in Walkersville March 31st, 2019

Partnered with Streamlink

The rabbi's invocation, and comments on the meaning of trees in his tradition

John's instructions on proper planting techniques

A family group planting their first tree of the day

Staking the trees to add the covers.  Even the kids get into the act.

The final product

And, the organizing committee members present that day

Tree planting in Middletown

Tree planting at the Islamic Society of Frederick

In The Street October, 2018

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